Trained in the mysterious art of design, I'm an elite master of graphical weaponry, skilled with the cursor and deadly with the pixel.

Born and raised in beautiful BC, Canada, best place on earth. Throughout education
I always excelled in the artistic topics, from making 3D project covers to winning various
colouring contests and drawing/painting contests. This led to me heading down the creative
path in school, college, and university, choosing subjects such as Art & Design as my main focus. I decided I wanted to be a Graphic Designer in highschool, and went on to land my desired job and began working as a Graphic Designer / Sign Artist in the field.

In September 2001 my desire for more creativity lead me to leave my position as designer at
a local studio and begin my career as an independent designer and the creation of
Modern Image Signs and Design Inc. After a successful 10 years, I’ve now sold the business and moved to the city. I’m now living the freelance lifestyle with a great mix of design projects from all over.

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If you're looking for top quality design, from someone with over sixteen years of industry experience, then please contact me so I can help you with your next project. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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